Nature and Life Photos

A Glimpse of Life through the Lens


    • Mary

      I use a Nikon 5100. Have had it for about a year so am still learning. On this photo, I used a Nikon 40mm 2.8 lens. Thanks for the kind words.

      • Andrew

        Fancy! Well I have to say you are a good photographer!
        I just happened to stumble on your blog, and I’m happy with what I see.
        Mind stumbling on to my blog ? I post some good things too! 🙂

      • Mary

        Thank you for your kind words – I am very much a beginner but wanting to learn more. I look forward to following your blog.

      • Andrew

        Well I have to compliment someone’s good work. Don’t I? 🙂
        Despite my young age of 13, I am quite experienced within the WordPress atmosphere. I think I’ve had my blog for about 3-4 years, I propose.
        Something I noticed about people on WordPress is that people are REALLY nice. Unlike Youtube and Twitter. 😛
        But thanks for following! I’m hoping to see you liking or commenting on my posts! 🙂 I’ll follow you too because of your amazing artwork!

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